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Tigray president Debretsion Gebremichael’s press conference and Ethiopia’s irritation

TPLF president Debretsion Gebremichael accuses the federal government of Ethiopia of genocide, officially accepting the US request for a ceasefire and the search for a regional political dialogue.

The president of the regional state of Tigray held a press conference last September 25, where he accused the federal government of Ethiopia of planning to “exterminate” Tigrinya through the strategy of blocking humanitarian aid.

Reinforcing his accusations against Addis Ababa with harsh tones, President Gebremichael said that within the military apparatus of the federal government is now largely diffused the vision of Tigrinya as “non-human, coming from hell and to be returned to hell”. A narrative, according to the TPLF leader, that serves to justify indiscriminate murder and a real genocidal policy.

According to the president of Tigray, Ethiopia would have launched a campaign of disinformation about the conflict, built internally on a pronounced spread of hatred and the need to eradicate the Tigrinya people from their land and the entire country, fueling an ethnic hatred that justified the violence denounced by several international sources.

Gebremichael also added how the TPLF positively judged the position of the United States and accepted the requests formulated by President Biden in the last executive order – which provides heavy sanctions for all regional actors involved in the conflict – adding that Prime Minister Aby Ahmed has rejected Washington’s position because he still hopes to achieve his goals with the violence of weapons and the destruction of Tigray.

The TPLF on the other hand, he added, has not accepted the US proposal because they are militarily weak, but because they believes in the need to end the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy.

The accusations thrown at the government in Addis Ababa have greatly irritated the leaders of the federal institutions of Ethiopia, which continues to refuse the requests of the United States, reiterating that the crisis in Tigray is an internal matter of State. A position rejected by Washington and by the international community, exposing Ethiopia to the risk of facing a new phase of hard sanctions.

Awate Birhane
Awate Birhane
Awate Birhane è un Senior Analyst per l’Africa dell’Institute for Global Studies, dove si occupa prevalentemente di Africa Orientale, dove risiede. Ha conseguito un PhD in Development Economics, lavorando per lungo tempo per una organizzazione internazionale.


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