The offensive in Ethiopia of the federal forces of the ENDF and the militias of the regional states of Amhara and Oromia against the TDF forces continues, although it seems rather difficult and at times unsuccessful.

The main direction of the fighting is that on the north-eastern border areas of Amhara, in an attempt to regain the B22 road axis and the villages that have fall under the control of Tigrinya forces for months.

Intense fighting took place during the week near the town of Gashena, controlled by the TDF forces and which represents an important regional road crossroads from which to move north towards Lalibela.

The military units of the federal army and those of the Amhara region have been engaged for over a week in an attempt to conquer the town, making extensive use of artillery and repeatedly striking the enemy forces with air raids.

Information from the region is incomplete and difficult to verify, although it seems to be confirmed that the TDF forces have so far managed to repel all attacks on the town. Operations in the vicinity of Gashena are still ongoing and numerous casualties have been reported on both sides of the conflict.

A second front of the federal offensive has been opened along the A2 road axis, probably the most important road axis of the country, which runs along the border with the Afar region, connecting the capital Addis Ababa to the north of Tigrai, up to Adua.

On October 12, the federal army and the regional Amhara militias launched an attack on the town of Mersa, with the aim of advancing towards the important urban center of Waldiya, where the A2 intersects the final eastern section of the B22.

Despite the intensity of the attack, conducted through the use of heavy artillery and air raids, the offensive seems to have failed and – according to some sources – the Tigrinya TDF forces launched a counter-offensive towards the south.

On October 14, news reported that Turkey is preparing to supply the Federal Army in Addis Ababa with TB-2 armed drones, complete with spare parts and training for ENDF personnel. The use of armed drones of Turkish manufacture alarms the Tigrinya leadership of the TPLF, which fears the possibility of an effective and more concrete increase of fire capacity against its units engaged on the ground.

An overall evaluation of the counteroffensive underway seems to show that it has been launched on two main routes within the Amhara territory under Tigrinya control, along the B22 and A2 road axes, between the provinces of North and South Wollo.

The military operations underway in the easternmost area, along the axis of the A2, seem to have decreased in intensity over the last few days, after the apparent failure of the conquest of the town of Mersa by ENDF troops and Amhara militias.

The offensive launched by the ENDF and the Amhara along the axis of the B22, in an attempt to conquer the town of Gashena, is still ongoing and with renewed intensity. No real change of front, however, would seem to have occurred during the first week of operational momentum of the federal initiative.


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