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The ACDC accuses Eritrea not to have started the vaccination campaign against the Covdi-19

The African Center for Disease Control ACDC accuses Eritrea of not having yet launched a vaccination campaign against Covid-19, while the data released are not easy to verify.

The director of the African Center for Disease Control (ACDC), John Nkengasong, said on December 9 during an interview with a Kenyan online newspaper that Eritrea has not yet launched a vaccine campaign against Covid-19 for its population.

According to Nkengasong, Eritrea is now the only country on the African continent that has not planned to adopt a vaccination campaign, while the pandemic data reported by the government are not subject to any international verification that could ascertain their veracity.

The director of the ACDC also recalled that Eritrea is the only African state not to have joined the African Union, within which policies for containing the pandemic on a continental scale are defined.

No official communication has come from Asmara in response to John Nkengasong’s accusations, while the Eritrean Ministry of Health has issued its latest bulletin on the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

29 new cases would have been diagnosed during the last week in quarantine centers and test management stations in the Central, Southern, Anseba and Southern Red Sea regions. Forty patients already admitted to health facilities in the country were reportedly discharged during the last week after being cured, while one died.

The total number of hospitalizations in the country would amount to 7,311, compared with 7,513 cases overall, while the number of victims to date would be 62 individuals.

Angelo Cardarello
Angelo Cardarello
Angelo Cardarello gestisce i programmi editoriali dell’Institute for Global Studies, contribuendo alla produzione di articoli divulgativi sul Medio Oriente e l’Africa. Ha studiato International Relations in Olanda, perfezionando poi i suoi studi in Libano.


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