In recent months, the Kenyan parliament has been debating many issues related to the elections, closely followed by the upcoming 2022 elections. These days, the Political Parties (Amendment) Bill 2021 is being debated, which is the bill that should again allow the formation of political coalitions in elections. These coalitions could be formed within 6 months of the elections and registered in the Political Parties Registration Office. Also included in the proposal is a demand to be able to expel a party member if he or she disregards the provisions of the party’s statute, in effect imposing a mandate constraint.

Observers place this bill within the well-established alliance between the ODM and Jubilee parties, and especially between the two presidents Odinga and Kenyatta, sealed by the famous handshake in 2018. The possibility of formalising a breakfast, would serve in view of the next elections to succeed in defeating the vast front that has opposed this curious alliance. This front is symbolised by the current Vice President Ruto. These are also the two sides that oppose each other on the passage of the law.

Both the IEBC and the main lobby groups have asked parliament to speed up decisions on all election-related bills so that they have time to be implemented, should they be passed.

This is the background to the convening of a special session on 29 December to debate the Political Parties Bill. In particular, parliamentarians are asked to bring amendments to the bill to the Justice Commission, which will be tasked with harmonisation. The proposed amendments will be debated on the 29th.


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