The governor of Hirshabelle state, Ali Gudlawe, arrived on February 7 in Beledweyne (Somalia) for the first time since his election over a year ago. The governor of the regional state arrived in the capital escorted by a powerful contingent of special forces trained by Turkey, which ensured his protection during all movements.

Shortly before the arrival of Gudlawe’s plane, however, the area of the Ugaas Khalif airport was the object of an intense firing of mortars and firearms, causing the wounding of many people. The firefight was sparked by the action of local militias, who were engaged by Somali special forces for several hours.

Gudlawe’s visit had been announced and then cancelled last week, after President Farmajo had deployed special forces and was accused of wanting to secure the governor’s visit for personal political purposes only.

However, the new confirmation of the governor’s visit, announced shortly before his arrival, has once again fueled tensions in the city, with firefights of considerable magnitude.


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