Eritrea was one of only five countries to expressly vote against the resolution condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine that was put to a vote at the UN General Assembly on March 2.

The Eritrean position is dictated at the same time by the attempt to strengthen its relationship with Russia, at a time of particular economic difficulty and growing international isolation, and to respond to the escalation of sanctions to which it has been subjected at the initiative of the United States and Europe as a result of its role in the Tigray conflict.

The vote at the United Nations was, as always, accompanied by a choral acclamation of the many – as much as very dubious – accounts of the Eritrean diaspora on social media, which celebrated the government’s decision recognizing it as an expression of a political linearity set to the rejection of compromise and hypocrisy.

Eritrea’s vote at the United Nations risks now to push the country in the direction of an increasing isolation, dangerously linking the interests of the country to those of Russia and, above all, to the continuity of the government role of President Putin.


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