The government of Djibouti a joint security protocol with Ethiopia, aimed at developing a collaboration in the field of security, training of armed forces and in the management of peacekeeping operations.

The agreement was signed within the framework of the ninth joint conference of the Chiefs of Staff of the two countries, which was held in Addis Ababa on March 6. The agreement was signed by the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces (ENDF), General Berhanu Jula, and the Chief of Staff of the Djiboutian Armed Forces, General Zakaria Sheikh.

Of particular importance, about a month after the alleged coup attempt in Djibouti and the subsequent arrest – under house arrest – of General Zakaria Sheikh, is his return to the public scene fully reinstated in rank and function.

In the silence that accompanied the question of the attempted coup last February, doubts had arisen regarding the fate of the Chief of Staff and the Police Commander, about whom no information had been circulated for several weeks.

General Zakaria Sheikh attended the ceremony in Addis Ababa and enthusiastically commented on the terms of the agreement signed with Ethiopia, which follows the one that has been in place for some time for the police forces of the two countries, adding that it represents a particularly important element in the architecture of regional security.

The agreement also provides for cooperation on border surveillance, information exchange and counter-terrorism and training in Ethiopia for Djiboutian military personnel.


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