On March 23, the former minister of budget, Abdoulkarim Aden Cher, was again placed under arrest in Djibouti, along with several officials of the same ministry.

The former minister had been removed from office last January, arrested for the first time on March 7 and then placed on probation until last week, when the prosecutor requested his arrest again.

The charges brought against the former minister are mainly those of corruption and squandering of public funds, and the prosecutor has asked to be able to investigate the bank accounts of the family of Abdoulkarim Aden Cher, where in his opinion most of the sums related to illegal activities of which he is accused have been transited.

The main accusations made against the former minister are those related to the activation of dozens of simulated contracts, in favour of friends and members of his family, bypassing the limit of controls imposed on assignments exceeding 5 million Djiboutian francs.

The crimes allegedly committed by the former minister were committed with the participation of several officials of the ministry, including the treasurer and the secretary general of finance, also arrested at the request of the prosecutor.


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