On April 6, anniversary of the fall of the regime of Omar al-Bashir, large demonstrations have been organized in Sudan in the capital Khartoum and in major cities of the country. The popular resistance committees intended in this way to take advantage of the anniversary of the revolution to protest against the military regime led by the junta of the Sovereign Council of Transition, demanding the end of military rule.

The security forces have made extensive use of tear gas against the protesters, and, according to the local press, some of these would have been fired even inside a hospital in the capital, the al-Jawda.

Large demonstrations were also organized on the same day in Port Sudan and Darfur, while the Revolutionary Front of Sudan (SRF) announced the organization of a meeting with the different opposition parties and movements to present its joint political initiative. The meeting was held on April 9 in Khartoum, and was also attended by the UN representative Volker Perthes, who only last week had been threatened with expulsion from the country by the top leadership of the military government.

The president of the SRF, El Hadi Idris, also invited the delegates of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FCC) to evaluate the proposed political platform, opening up to dialogue and cooperation between the different components of the vast opposition movement to the government.


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