The second part of the mission to Sudan of Eritrea’s foreign minister, Osman Saleh, and presidential advisor, Yemane Ghebreab, took place on April 11 with the delegation meeting with the president of the Sovereign Transitional Council, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

Minister Saleh, according to official sources of the two countries, transmitted a letter from Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki to the Sudanese head of state, with the intention of wishing a quick solution to the ongoing political and economic crisis in the country, to which General Al Burhan would have replied expressing optimism for the progress recorded in the conduct of the national political transition plan.

According to some Sudanese press organs, however, the Eritrean president’s missive to the president of the Sovereign Transitional Council also included a proposal to launch a political initiative for stability in the country. This initiative was described as “aimed at bridging the views of the Sudanese parties to resolve the ongoing political crisis,” without, however, the details of the Eritrean proposal being disclosed.

The initiative could be connected to the attempt to support a strategy agreed with the United Arab Emirates, considered by some as oriented to support the most intransigent positions within the Sovereign Council of Transition, represented by the military wing closer to General Dagalo.


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