Eritrea sharply criticized on April 18 the agreement signed by Great Britain and Rwanda to send asylum seekers to the African country, in order to process on the spot the requests and the management of subsequent redistributions.

According to the Eritrean government, which has called the agreement “immoral”, the plan drawn up by Britain pursues policies of “strategic depopulation” and aims to “cover up the root causes of the scourge of human trafficking”.

The plan, according to the government of Asmara, has an exclusively economic purpose, which is the basis of the primary interest of Rwanda, with a view to entrusting a regional country with the peripheral management of the problem related to the increase in migration flows.

The plan, signed the previous week and defined as “historic” by the British minister Priti Patel, provides for the organization of flights for the transfer from the UK to Rwanda of refugees who have entered illegally, for their management on the spot. The announcement of the signing of the agreement has raised a lot of criticism even in Great Britain, where it has been recalled that similar initiatives have already failed in Australia and Israel. Criticism was also voiced by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.


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