The new mayor of Djibouti city, Said Daoud Mohamed, officially took office on April 21, succeeding his predecessor Fatouma Awaleh Osman.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by the Minister of Interior Said Nouh Hassan, the Deputy Minister for Decentralization, Kassim Haroun Ali, and the Prefect of the city of Djibouti, Osman Bileh Guirreh, was held in the central municipality of the capital.

During the same ceremony, the presidents of the three municipal districts in which Djibouti city is divided, also elected by the Municipal Council, were also installed in office, and are given responsibility for urban management under the supervision of the mayor.

The appointment of the new mayor is a factor of great importance for the city, engaged in the not easy management of social relations especially in peripheral areas, where the relationship between the majority Somali and the Afar communities has proved increasingly tense and problematic in recent years.


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