On April 23 the military authorities of the Sovereign Transitional Council of Sudan authorized the release of 25 members of the Committees of Resistance, detained in Khartoum prisons since the protests against the coup last October 25.

The news was announced last week by the president of the Sovereign Council of Transition, General Abdel Fattah al Burhan, as part of the attempt to revive political dialogue with the opposition and allow the overcoming of the impasse that for months has paralyzed the institutional life of the country.

The news of the release has been welcomed by the opposition forces, which however recall that other 27 members of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) and the Committee for the Removal of Empowerment (ERC) are still held in military prisons in the country, while new arrests continue to affect activists.

On the other hand, the interview given on April 8 by the former secretary of the National Congress Party (CNP), Ibrahim Ghandour, founded by the deposed president Omar al-Bashir and now outlawed, according to whom the coup d’état of last October 25 would have been a necessary step for the stability of Sudan, as demonstrated by the improvement of the general situation in the country, has raised a lot of controversy.

Ghandour, once among the highest officials of al-Bashir’s regime, had been released only the day before the interview, after a nearly two-year detention. According to the opposition forces, his release and the dropping of all charges against him, unequivocally demonstrate how the military regime is close to the leading figures of the former power system god Omar al-Bashir, silently trying to reintegrate them into the political apparatus of the country.


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