According to French press sources, Paris police have conducted a search in the apartment of his daughter Ismail Omar Guelleh, owned in the 16th Arrondissement of the French capital, as part of an investigation into alleged illicit financing.

Fatouma-Awo Guelleh would be involved, according to the magazine Challenges, in an investigation involving some elements of her entourage, accused of illicit financing, and her home would have been searched about a month ago (presumably on March 14), in search of elements useful to the investigation. The French judiciary would have opened already three years ago an investigation file following a complaint filed by the NGO Sherpa and the European collective of the Djibouti diaspora (CEDD), and would concern several properties owned by the daughter of President Guelleh located in the most exclusive districts of the French capital.

According to the NGO Sherpa, at the center of the business today under examination by the French judiciary there would be the husband of Guelleh’s daughter, Tommy Tayoro Nyckoss, who would be at the top of the real estate system controlled by the family of the president in France.

No official comment has been made on the matter by the Djibouti government or the local press, whose only recent reference to France has been that of President Guelleh’s enthusiastic congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on his re-election to the presidency.


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