According to reports from the United Nations on May 27, the largest humanitarian convoy since the declaration of the ceasefire has reportedly begun its march to reach the regional state of Tigray.

It would be a convoy consisting of 215 trucks of food and medical aid that, from the Afar region, would be moving in the direction of Mekelle and other towns in Tigray, albeit moving extremely slowly.

According to the United Nations, although the convoy is exceptionally large in size compared to the past, the volume of aid going to Tigray would still be insufficient, while the UN estimates that at least 500 food aid trucks per week would be needed to meet the food needs of the regional state’s 5.2 million inhabitants.

The unblocking of humanitarian convoys was reportedly facilitated by the retreat of Tigrinya’s military from the western regions of Afar as part of what many believe to be an agreed maneuver between the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Tigrinya’s TPLF political authorities.


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