The U.S. State Department reportedly urged the Israeli government not to take political steps with Sudan aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and, rather, insist with local authorities on the full restoration of democracy through the transfer of power to a civilian-led government.

The serious political situation in the country, according to the United States, requires a concerted effort by the international community for the military authorities of the Sovereign Transitional Council to hand over power to a civilian-led government, in compliance with the demands of Sudanese society.

Washington has also confirmed how it does not intend to restore economic assistance to Khartoum, with a view to forcing the military authorities to take decisive steps in the wake of the reforms announced and then aborted with the coup last Oct. 25.

The U.S. invitation to Israel comes at an extremely complex time in relations between Tel Aviv and Khartoum, which have stalled since the signing of the Abraham Pact in January 2021 and are now characterized by a growing feeling of hostility in Sudanese society toward supporting the project of full normalization of relations between the two countries.

The Israeli political and military leadership has consistently sought to consolidate this process by conducting frequent missions to Sudan characterized by a low media profile and focused on strengthening the relationship-especially at the intelligence level-with Sudan’s ruling military authorities.

Such initiatives, according to the United States, risk reinforcing the role of the military government and increasingly distancing the possibility of a political transition in the hands of a civilian-led executive, with serious security and stability consequences for the country.

Israel’s refusal to condemn the coup last Oct. 25, according to the U.S. government, risks strengthening the military government’s assertiveness in its role, thwarting the international community’s efforts to facilitate the transition process.


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