Local councils of several zones of the Southern Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) regional state passed a resolution on August 2 to create two new regional states outside the SNNP.

The councils of eleven zones and six special Woredas in the region expressed their willingness to create two new regional states autonomous from the SNNP, now submitting the proposal to a popular referendum. Specifically, the first entity is the one resulting from the agreement defined by the councils of the Konso, Gedeo, Gamo, Gofa, South Omo, and Wolayta zones and the five special Woredas of Amaro, Ale Basketo, Burji, and Derashe. The second entity, on the other hand, is promoted by the areas of Gurage, Hadiya, Halaba, Kembata Tmbaro and Silte, together with the special Woreda of Yem (https://addisstandard.com/news-eleven-zones-six-special-woredas-in-ethiopias-southern-state-undergo-major-restructuring-to-create-two-more-regional-states/).

The administrative reorganization initiative of the two new states follows the one in 2019 that led to the creation of the regional state of Sidama and the one in 2021 that facilitated the establishment of the Regional People’s State of Southwestern Ethiopia.

The council of the Regional People’s State of Southwest Ethiopia, which has emerged from the federation of the five zones of Kaffa, Sheka, Bench Sheko, Dawuro and West Omo, together with the special Woreda of Konta, announced on August 3 that there will be four state capitals with equal status in Bonga, Tercha, Mizan Aman and Tepi. Bomga will house the seat of the president, Tercha the regional council, Mizan Aman the judiciary and Tepi the council of nations (https://addisstandard.com/news-southwest-ethiopia-state-council-tables-draft-bill-proposing-four-regional-capitals-of-equal-status/).


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