Confirming what he said shortly after William Ruto’s election victory was declared in Kenya’s presidential election last August 9, challenger Raila Odinga filed an appeal to the Supreme Court on August 22 challenging the outcome of the ballot count.

This was announced to the press by Odinga’s spokesman Daniel Maanzo, adding that several documents were attached to the appeal that would substantiate the defeated election candidate’s misgivings about the way the ballots were handled (

According to Odinga, the counting system of the Independent Electoral Commission was hacked through a cyber attack, thereby altering the election results. This action, moreover, allegedly took place with the complicity of some corrupt officials of the same commission.

Odinga is therefore calling for the verification of the information submitted to the Supreme Court and, if it is found to be correct, the holding of new elections (

The seven judges of the Supreme Court have now two weeks to rule on the case and provide a response, and, in the circumstance should they uphold Odinga’s reasons, organize new elections within the peremptory deadline of 60 days.

An eventuality that raises concern, with real fears of the possibility of renewed violence as in the previous elections in 2017.


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