The Chinese press has given prominence on August 25 to the start of the first transport of motor vehicles on the railway line – built by China – connecting Ethiopia to Djibouti (

The first convoy used to transport vehicles from the port of Djibouti to the Indode railway terminal in Addis Ababa arrived at its destination on August 25, where it was welcomed by a committee chaired by the CEO of the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Share Company (EDR), Abdi Zenebe.

In celebrating the event, the EDR CEO drew attention to the multiplicity and variety of convoys now available along the rail route, which include refrigerated wagons, grain wagons, multi-purpose freight and passenger cars.

In addition, according to Zenebe’s statement, the railway line would have saved Ethiopia about 2.4 billion Birr (about US$46 million) in logistics expenses ( over the past year alone.


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