According to reports from the foreign ministries of #UK and #Canada, #Eritrea reportedly declared on September 14 the general mobilization of its armed forces as a result of intensified fighting in northern #Tigray. The embassies of the two countries in Asmara also reportedly asked their citizens residing in the country to limit travel, especially near border areas (

No official confirmation has come from the Eritrean authorities on the substance of the announcement issued by Great Britain and Canada, which was also relayed by the Turkish press, according to which the general mobilization order is aimed at all Eritrean reservists under the age of 55 (

Last week several profiles on social media had reported the news, which is difficult to verify, that several flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines were operated to transport federal soldiers to areas affected by the clashes. According to the same sources, moreover, some of these flights would have then continued toward Eritrea, fueling rumors of possible support of troops and equipment to Eritrea.

Communiqués issued by the embassies of Great Britain and Canada, on the other hand, asked their citizens to remain vigilant and cautious, entertaining the possibility of further emergency measures over the next few days ( Such announcements have been interpreted as a concerted sign of worsening security along the Ethiopian-Eritrean border, where the possibility of a counteroffensive by Tigrinya forces against EDF forces or a more intense Eritrean military initiative in the direction of northern Tigray is not ruled out.


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