In a statement issued on October 7, Eritrea’s Ministry of Information deplored the previous day’s resolution adopted by the European Union with reference to the conflict and humanitarian situation in Tigray, where Asmara has been accused of playing a destructive role through the invasion of Ethiopia.

In the statement, the Eritrean government rejects the European Union’s accusations and reconstructs its own interpretation of the events that generated the conflict, attributing all responsibility to the Tigrayan TPLF authorities (

On the other hand, no comment is made by the Eritrean government on its own participation in the conflict, rejecting every accusation made by the European Union with reference to the “invasion” of Tigray. Eritrea’s position on its role thus remains anchored to the line taken since the beginning of the fighting in November 2020 and hinged on silence with reference to any admission of direct involvement. Eritrea’s active role in the conflict had been openly confirmed by the federal government of Ethiopia itself, which had repeatedly assured its imminent withdrawal.

What is unclear, however, is the position taken by Eritrea regarding Ethiopia’s recent acceptance to meet in South Africa with the TPLF leadership in order to define a cessation of hostilities. According to reports in The Africa Report magazine, Eritrea’s intransigent stance could bring about – or has already brought about – a halt to African Union initiatives (


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