On October 7, a Djibouti army military outpost was attacked by Afar militiamen from the FRUD Army (Popular Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy) in the town of Garabtisan, Tadjoura district. The attack reportedly killed 7 Djiboutian soldiers and wounded 4 others, while 6 are reportedly missing (https://www.voaafrique.com/a/djibouti-sept-soldats-tu%C3%A9s-dans-l-attaque-de-leur-caserne/6781480.html).

The attack reportedly provoked a response from Djibouti forces, which took military action across the Ethiopian border into Afar territory on October 9, employing infantry units and armored vehicles.

The FRUD spokesman denied any involvement in the attack against Djiboutian forces, but it is unclear which of the two components of the organization communicated with the press. The FRUD Army, in fact, formed in 1991 within the Djiboutian Afar ethnic minority, has split since 1994 into two distinct groups, of which only one has not accepted the government’s cease-fire proposal (https://english.newstracklive.com/news/seven-djibouti-soldiers-are-killed-by-armed-assailants-sc57-nu355-ta355-1253547-1.html).


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