Two Sudanese political groups, the National Consensus Forces (NCF) and the Sudanese Initiative for Constitutional Arrangements (SICA), issued a joint statement on October 8 where they called on the military to take part in the transitional government.

The two gropus call for amendments to the 2019 constitutional document, including the armed forces in the process of forming the reconciliation government, and reject the idea of a transitional constitution, believing it could be a hindrance to the national dialogue process at this stage (

Instead, both the NCF and SICA have said they are willing to support the proposal for a 24-month transition, following the establishment of a new final constitution set according to the values of peace, freedom, justice and recognition of cultural diversity.

Instead, the rehabilitation process of Islamist organizations once close to the former regime of Omar al-Bashir, which were suspended after the fall of the regime and placed on hold pending dissolution, continues. After three years of suspension of activities, the General Union of Sudanese Journalists (GUSJ) was also allowed to resume activities by the authority initially in charge of their dissolution, The Legitimacy Removal Committee (ERC) (

This decision is also part of Sovereign Transitional Council Chairman General al-Burhan’s strategy to counter the role of Vice Chairman General Dagalo, by attracting several Islamist organizations into his orbit in an attempt to strengthen his own role in a difficult transitional phase characterized by an increasingly sharp contrast between the two main military junta figures.


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