Tension in Djibouti after last week’s attack by FRUD (Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy) forces on a national army outpost along the border with Ethiopia, where 7 soldiers lost their lives.

Djibouti’s defense minister described the FRUD forces as a terrorist organization, while they claimed to have conducted the attack as a response to an attack by the military the same day. The FRUD also claimed to have captured the military outpost and held it until dawn the following morning, then taking away weapons and ammunition. This claim, however, was denied by the Ministry of Defense (https://allafrica.com/stories/202210110085.html).

As a result of the attack, Djibouti’s National Assembly passed a new law on Oct. 14 in an emergency procedure that officially includes FRUD among the terrorist organizations sought by the national authorities, thus enshrining not only the official condemnation toward the group but also the adoption of new and more intense measures to combat it. In doing so, the government intends above all to initiate intense action against FRUD elements abroad, officially requesting their capture and extradition (https://www.africarivista.it/gibuti-il-frud-e-un-gruppo-terroristico-secondo-la-nuova-legge/208189/) from international law enforcement bodies.


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