Negative balance for the first month of newly elected President William Ruto, at least according to part of the Kenyan press, which has denounced the failure to implement several campaign promises (

It is economic expectations, in particular, that are fueling the disappointment of part of the electorate, which has not witnessed any particular benefits during the first 30 days of the new government. In particular, the lack of action to calm the prices of fertilizer, fuel and basic foodstuffs has fueled criticism from the less affluent strata of the population, just as the failure to activate a financing fund for small businesses (pompously called the Hustler Fund during the election campaign) has angered small business owners who had seen in Ruto a candidate of change from the policy that has traditionally served the interests of the country’s major power groups (

Also drawing sharp criticism was the president’s decision to establish the new post of Chief Administrative Secretary, a position the Supreme Court had declared unconstitutional, to be filled by Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

The spending forecast for the creation of this new administrative position is deemed excessive by the press and strongly criticized by the public, which is instead calling for urgent action on the economy and activation of programs to support agricultural and micro-entrepreneurship.


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