New demonstrations organized by political oppositions in Sudan, in Khartoum, on October 27, where police tried to disperse the crowd by employing tear gas and preventing access to areas in front of government buildings (

The demonstrations continue in the vein of demands by the main protest organizations to prevent the armed forces from manipulating the transition process toward the appointment of a civilian-led government, which, many believe, may be severely handicapped by the recent establishment of a national security committee under the aegis of the armed forces.

On October 27, however, several thousand Islamists staged a protest in the capital to call for the removal of UN Special Representative Volker Perthes from Khartoum and to show their support for the armed forces. Chanting slogans extolling the “restoration of dignity,” numerous members of the dissolved National Congress Party (NCP) participated in the demonstrations criticizing the role of the United Nations and posing as allies of the armed forces in the troubled political crisis management process (

Many of the Islamist formations compromised with the deposed regime of Omar al-Bashir have been rehabilitated over the past few weeks at the initiative of the chairman of the Sovereign Transitional Council, General al-Burhan, as a measure to curb the role of the vice president, General Dagalo.

According to Mohamed El Mahdi Hasan, a member of the UMMA National Party (NUP), the real bone of contention in today’s political debate between members of the military apparatus and opposition forces would revolve around the demand for specific guarantees from the top leadership of the armed forces for a guarantee of immunity from charges of abuse and violence after the 2019 and 2021 coup (


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