Meridian 42

Meridian 42 runs longitudinally along the entire Horn of Africa, crossing each of the countries in the region, ideally uniting them in a single geographical dimension.

Meridian 42 is therefore the abstract element that symbolizes the union of the peoples of a vast and extraordinarily varied region with an ancient history.

The editorial project of Meridiano 42 was defined in 2005 by a group of scholars, animated by the common desire to contribute to promote the knowledge of the political and social dynamics of the region. It was soon transformed into an online journal, progressively grown in form and substance.

The aim of the initiative was to bring to the attention of the public the evolution of the political dynamics of the region, through articles, interviews and in-depth analysis.

The progressive success of the online magazine Meridiano 42 has gradually led to an expansion of its range of information, which has thus been enriched with articles of economic, cultural, social and historical nature, eventually becoming a true all-round information magazine on the Horn of Africa region.

Today, the goal of the online magazine, by implementing and expanding its original informative purpose, is also to promote and strengthen the bond that has united Italy and the Horn of Africa for over a century, which after the colonial phase has become an intense and profound multilateral relationship.

The recent history of the Horn of Africa has been made of recurrent crises and prospects for stability, where Italy has often failed to play a constructive role, due to the difficulty to define a clear and stable foreign policy strategy in the region.

It is for these reasons that Meridiano 42 aims at representing an element of promotion and continuity in this relationship, in order to favor both awareness of the Horn of Africa and actively participating in suggesting policies aimed at consolidating Italy’s multilateral relations with countries in the region.

It is our opinion that it is necessary to give a new and more vigorous impetus to the ties with the Horn of Africa, taking an active role in political, economic and cultural projects aimed at reinforcing peace and stability in the region, while promoting a reciprocal capacity for dialogue.